Spec Ops The Line

At the second day of E3, I had the opportunity to play Spec Ops: The Line. This game serves as the re-boot of the classic series. However, I have never played any previous Spec Ops games, so I can only talk about this game on it's own.

The demo that I played served as a basic introduction to the gameplay. I took control of Captain Martin Walker and started through the streets of Dubai in order to rescue members of my squad. The game differs from most first person shooters as it feels more free flowing than something like Call of Duty. I think this is partially because of the cover system which allows you to freely duck in and out of cover as well as vault over objects. Another simple but interesting design choice is the simplification of sprinting. You merely have to start sprinting and then can let go of the button as opposed to having to hold the button constantly.

I hope that Spec Ops: The Line gets the attention that it deserves. While the game isn't ground-breaking, it is still a competent shooter. For more information about Spec Ops: The Line, please visit the Spec Ops Wiki.

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