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Strength, conditioning, and the willingness to wear a leotard in front of crowds are all important elements in Gymnastics. Which one of these characters do you believe would be the most skilled gymnast between Juliet Starling, Faith, Samus, Lara Croft, Princess Peach, Bayonetta, Dante, Connor and Kai Leng?

And the medalists are...


The gymnastics competition finished with a flurry of activity. Connor Kenway won yet another event in the Video Game Olympics, when he received 530 votes. Coming in second was Samus who received 346 votes. The race for the bronze was the most intense battle and ended with Faith from Mirror's Edge slightly edging out Lara Croft. Faith received 181 votes compared to Lara Croft's 151.

Thanks to everyone who voted in this event, and please be sure to check out the remaining events.

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