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Xbox Live Brings Sports

Wagnike2 August 25, 2011 User blog:Wagnike2

With college football and the NFL regular season getting closer, ESPN is overhauling their presentation on XBox Live. This will allow viewers to watch two games at once, and create a guide of their favorite teams.

  • My Sports - will allow you choose your favorite teams and jump instantly to games and content featuring these teams. It will also provide you with news and updates on your favorite teams.
  • Mini Guide - The Mini guide allows you to quickly preview and access all the current games. This will allow you to switch the games as you see fit.
  • Split Screen - will allow you to watch multiple games at once.
  • Voice Control with Kinect - lose the remote? You are in luck. You can use your Kinect to navigate and control this system.
  • College Football Scoreboard - Can be accessed at any time to allow you to see all the scores. Also, can be used with the split screen feature.
  • Live Alerts - will keep you updated on the latest score changes.
  • Reminders - You can set and tag games that you are interested to get a reminder if you forget.

This service is available to anyone with an Xbox Live Gold account. Will this be a service that you use? Let us know!


ESPN on Xbox Live - Your Sports Will Never be the Same!01:07

ESPN on Xbox Live - Your Sports Will Never be the Same!


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