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    The Sound of Music in Games

    A lot of gaming involves a lot of walking, action scene and repeat. While this sounds really dull, it isn't with the right music! While older games didn't have the technology to implement the sounds of today, most of them had at least some catchy tune. Who can resist the tune of Tetris?, or the nostalgic battle tune from the original Pokemon games? I could go on with this list, but you get the idea. In my opinion, a good sound track makes or breaks a (good) game. Amazing graphics won't be enough if there isn't some good sound behind it, no 'pew-pew sound' when you fire a rifle in any FPS.

    Some games have a really big music team behind them, some only have one guy who searches the web for some nice tunes and anythi…

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  • Wilc0

    “Working memory of shooter game players more flexible”

    The working memory of people who frequently play first-person shooters or action games, is more flexible than that of people who do not play these types of games. Avid players are able to better adapt to auditory and visual information he / she receives, states Dr. Lorenza Colzato.

    She studied this on behalf of the University of Leiden. A total of 52 subjects divided into two groups of gamers and non-gamers, with an average age of 23 years, with an IQ that was similar for both groups.

    The two groups were given two different tasks. On display were random letters shown and players had to tell if the third letter was the same as the first, fourth the same as the second, and so on. "We saw in…

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