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Many people weren't able to catch EA's press conference earlier this week due to that stupid thing called "work." As much as I know you wanted to watch the live feed of the show from you cubicle, I also know Megan from accounting would have walked over to give you some paperwork to do because she's a miserable shell of a woman who doesn't like anyone around her having a good time.

I can't help you get Megan off your back, but what I can do is offer you a video of the amazing Battlefield 3 demo that took center stage during EA's press conference. The previous Battlefield 3 videos were absolutely jaw dropping, and this one is no different. Instead of it focusing on soldiers walking through the streets of a city in rubble, this time the video focuses on a portion of the single player campaign where you'll be in command of a tank. Trust me when I say the tank on tank action is hot and heavy!


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