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Earlier this year, a trailer was released for Dead Island that captivated the gaming community. The trailer seemed to have come out of nowhere, and yet, it was just so perfect in terms of how it presented itself between the slow, classical music playing along with visuals that were anything but serene. A new trailer for Dead Island has been released for E3 and it gives another survivor's perspective of the chaos going on.

The trailer begins by showing a montage of zombies running rampant and killing countless people. It then shifts to a first-person view of what I would assume is one of the characters you'll be playing as he parties the night away before Dead Island becomes infested with zombies. The character staggers his way to his room and onto his bed where he passes out for the night. Then, the character wakes up and makes his way outside to be greeted to complete mayhem. A number of melee weapons, firearms, and even driving sequences can be seen in another montage afterwards.

You can check out the new E3 trailer for yourself below, and for your convenience, I also put the original trailer for Dead Island underneath in case you have yet to watch it. thumb|left|500pxthumb|500px|left

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