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We've been keeping a close eye on Techland's Dead Island ever since its amazing teaser trailer was released earlier this year. There was a regular flow of information coming out of E3 on the game, including some new trailers showing off a bit more of the game and its story. Today, Techland has released another trailer for Dead Island that focuses on the importance of teamwork.

It really should go without saying during a zombie apocalypse, people need to work together in order to survive. In this new trailer, we see the survivors of Dead Island all come together to fight for their survival. As one of the survivors eloquently puts it, "We hang together... or we fucked."

I'm sure the majority of you will be enjoying all of the nice visuals in this trailer as there's a good amount of zombie killing in it, but for the love of all that is holy, let's not forget we all need to work together to survive once Dead Island is released in September. That means playing with your headset on, talking to one another, and not leaving anyone behind. If playing Left 4 Dead with strangers has taught me anything, it's that I shouldn't be with complete strangers when a REAL zombie apocolypse goes down.


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