Capcom is getting ready to release another version of Dead Rising 2 this fall where players can play as Dead Rising 's photographer extraoidonaire, Frank West, instead of Dead Rising 2's new protagonist, Chuck Greene. And now we have received confirmation the new game, Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, will be hitting storeshelves this Fall at the "bargain" price of $40.

This isn't the first time Frank West has been featured in Dead Rising 2 as he and Chuck Green worked together in Dead Rising 2's DLC, Case West. Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is more than Dead Rising 2 with Frank West plopped into the game. Capcom has said the game will feature a new story, weapons, combos, bosses, environments and items. Frank West's camera gameplay mechanics will also be making a triumphant return as you'll once again be required to snap pics of particular moments in order to score some additional points.

I don't know about you, but $40 is kind of a steep price for a new character along with some other new additions in Dead Rising 2. Introducing the game at $30 would have made the game much more appealing, which I'm sure the game will drop down to that price a month or so after its initial release.

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