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If you're a fan of Family Guy on FOX, you'll know the show has made a number of video game references throughout its years on television, but it looks like Family Guy Online will be making its way to a browser near you, or, you know, the one you're currently using to view this article would do just fine.

The Family Guy Online website is now accepting applications for beta players to sign up for the closed beta, which will presumably take place before its launch this Fall. It's expected the Family Guy Online game will be a browser-based MMO, but no other information has been made available as what characters players will control, whether they be characters from the TV show or fictional characters who interact with Family Guy characters.

Once you register for the closed beta, an email with the following message will arrive into your mailbox:

Hey you,

So you're in line for the Closed Beta of Family Guy Online. Thanks for signing up. Gotta ask though - did you read the Terms of Use? The Privacy Policy? I mean actually read them? You didn't, did you? You really have no idea what is in there, but you accepted it anyway.

Don't worry about it. It's all pretty standard stuff, except for the part about harvesting your reproductive cells for a top secret government project to make half-horse half-human super-soldiers.

We're glad you're aboard. Watch for more announcements soon!


The Family Guy Online Team

[Via Eurogamer ]

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