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Redbox DVD rental kiosks have always been a great way for someone to pick up the latest DVD rentals at very convenient locations, and now it'll be as convenient for gamers as the company has announced it will begin offering video game rentals for only $2 a day starting today.

Redbox kiosks will have some notable just released titles such as InFamous 2, Brink, [Nukem Forever] , andL.A. Noire along with a number of family titles like LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game and Just Dance 2.

At $2 a day, a Redbox game rental could be quite costly if you or your family decides to hold on to a game for more than a couple of days. Gamefly allows its customers to rent video games for as low as $7.95 a month and it requires absolutely no contact with the outside world as the games are delivered to you. I'm sure Redbox will do well with the addition of games to its service, but if you're a smart shopper who absolutely needs to rent games, then there are other services that can offer you a better deal.

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