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During yesterday's Microsoft press conference, the company focused on a lot of Kinect games coming out this holiday season. One game that I felt should have received some focus was Fruit Ninja Kinect as Halfbrick announced early this morning their widely successful mobile game will be making its way to the Kinect this summer.

Fruit Ninja Kinect will seem quite familiar if you've played it on your iPhone, iPad, or Android devices as you'll be flailing your arms in order to slice up a number of fruit. The game will come with three single player modes: Classic Mode, which has players attempting to produce the highest possible score by slicing fruit while avoiding bombs, Zen Mode, which involves enjoying the Fruit Ninja experience for 90 seconds without worrying about bombs, or Arcade Mode, which throws a number of power-ups into the mix.

The game will also be released with a local multiplayer mode that allows for players to slice fruit up side-by-side, although I recommend tying pillows to your hands as I'm sure when the arms are a-flying, someone is bound to lose a tooth. Unlockable blades, backgrounds, and avatar shadows will be included in Fruit Ninja Kinect as well as an online leaderboard that will allow players to compare their scores with other would-be Fruit Ninjas. thumb|500px|left

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