It wasn't a complete secret Microsoft was cooking up a remake of the original Halo, but the latest news to hit the Internet is a bit of a surprise.

According to Microsoft Studios' Phil Spencer, Halo Anniversary will be receving some sort of Kinect integration. The news comes from an interview GameSpot did with Phil Spencer where he began listing first-party games that would have Kinect inegration. During the interview, Phil said, "Even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration."

This certainly comes as a surprise as this will mark the first Halo title that will have some sort of Kinect integration. Phil didn't go on to say what kind of integration we could expect exactly, but seeing how big of a franchise Halo is to Microsoft, my money would be on motion controls as it Halo Anniversary would act as a guinea pig to work out all of the bugs of motion tracking so they can be implemented in Halo 4. The Kinect integration could also imply voice chat, which Mass Effect 3 will have. In this case, the Kinect could be used as a way to chat with players without the need for your headset, which I'm sure family and friends in the immediate are will appreciate as we all know what type of lovely banter occurs during a Halo multiplayer match.

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