I don't know about you, but I have been counting the days until Infamous 2 was finally released onto the PS3 , especially after playing through the demo that was released onto the PSN last week. After I heard there would be a Hero Edition that would come with a number of goodies including a statue of Cole as well as a replica messenger bag, I knew I had to have it. The day has finally come and I'm now the proud owner of the Hero Edition of InFamous 2, and what better way to celebrate than to offer a hands-on article with a bunch of pictures?

When you first open the box, you're greeted with Cole's messenger bag. The bag has been successfully recreated and has all of the straps, color, look, and even the Sly Bandicoot homage badge. Once I finished inspecting the bag, it was on to the Cole figure. As you'll see in the photos, there's a high amount of detail in the figure. From his face, body, tattoos, even the way Cole is perched on top of the corner of a building all give the impression a lot of work went behind this figure.

The last thing included in the Hero's Edition of InFamous 2 was the comic book. I didn't get a chance to read it, but I did flip through the pages while I was on the throne and I have the say the art work and style of the comic book is very well done. I'll probably give it a read when I'm waiting for InFamous 2 to install onto my PS3 later on this evening.

Oh yea, and last, but not least, THE GAME! I honestly almost forgot the game came with the package as I was so excited about all of the goodies that were in the box. That would have made for a very interesting moment if I would have thrown the box away before snagging the game out of it. One that I'm sure would be considered for the "Bonehead of the Year" award.

  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 1
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 2
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 3
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 4
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 5
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 6
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 7
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 9
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 10
  • InFamous Hero Edition Hands-On 11

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