Red Ring of Death reference in InFamous 2

It looks like the easter eggs in InFamous 2 don't end with a couple of mentiones of popular video games on large movie marquee as Sucker Punch has also poked a little fun at the PS3 's main competitor, the Xbox 360 .

As you can see by the photo, InFamous 2 has an electronics store named "Red Ring Electronics." This is of course in reference to the Xbox 360's Red Ring of Death, which many Xbox 360 owners have experienced with their console once, twice, or several times.

Signs can be read on the window of the electronics store of a 10 - 50% off sign, which I believe is in reference to the drop in price of the Xbox 360 from its original price of $399.99 during the consoles launch. Another sign can also be viewed that states "All Systems Repair in Only 12 weeks!" is an exaggerated reference to how long it takes for an owner to receive a replacement Xbox 360 when their console receives the Red Ring of Death.

I find it quite interesting Sucker Punch has decided to make a reference to one of the major issues Xbox 360 has always faced when the Playstation 3 is now just getting over its PSN issues after being out for over a month. Granted, InFamous 2 has been in production for quite some time and I'm sure Sucker Punch had this reference in the game for a while now, but I still find it to be quite the ironic reference.

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