Have you finished playing through L.A. Noire but want more and can't wait for Rockstar to release DLC for the game? Lucky for you, Rockstar Games teamed up with Mulholland Books to deliver a book with eight original short stories based on the world of L.A. Noire called L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories. Best of all, the book is being made available for the low, low price of free.

Many of the stories revisit the the characters and cases players experienced in L.A. Noire offering a new spin and point of view the game couldn't produce. In celebration of the ebook being released, Rockstar Games has decided to offer the book to the most popular ebook services for free. That means if you have a Kindle, Nook, or an iOS device, you could get the book for free until June 19th, after that the book will be available for $.99.

I'm a big fan of books and / or comics based around games that I've enjoyed. They truly do offer a unique perspective and give a great amount of backstory that I would otherwise never know if I hadn't read the book. Seeing how many people truly enjoyed L.A. Noire, that is unless you're a cynical cartoon charater, then you absolutely have no reason why you shouldn't pick up L.A. Noire: The Collected Stories this week.

[Via SlickDeals ]

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