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Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is hosting "Video Game Week" on his show this week and last night he had Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski to show some post-E3 Gears of War 3 goodness.

If you caught Microsoft's E3 press conference last week, then the scenario used in the Jimmy Fallon demo may look familiar to you. Cliff has Jimmy Fallon play through the demo while guiding him on how best to navigate through. Half of the demo time was spent with Cliff yelling at Jimmy to shoot a monster's eyeball "for massive damage." Later on Jimmy Fallon hands over the controls to Cliff to hopefully subdue the beast, but Cliff throws in the towel and deems the moster is "too tough."

At the end of the segment, Fallon asks Cliff of the end of Gears of War 3 being the end of the series. Cliff confirms this by saying Epic Games wants to end Gears of War 3 "Lord of the Rings style." Fallon follows up by suggesting there may be more Gears of War, to which Cliff responds, "You never know - there may be a Hobbit."

[Via NBC]

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