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We saw a lot of amazing games come out of E3 last week, but one particular game is still as highly anticipated as ever and that's Mass Effect 3. One of the biggest news stories to come out of E3 was the fact Mass Effect 3 will be supporting the Kinect with in-game voice commands that will allow the player to give orders to squad mates during battle as well as select dialog options with their voice. Aside from that massive reveal, BioWare has released a new trailer for E3 showing the fall of Earth.

In the video embedded below, you'll see the moments when Earth is taken over by the Reapers. It's up to Commander Shephard to stop the invasion and save Earth as well as the entire Galaxy. Much of the gameplay footage looks similar to previous installments of Mass Effect, except we get to see some clips of Commander Shepard using his new melee attack that involves a blade protruding out of his Omni-tool.


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