Seeing as how Mass Effect 3 has been delayed until March 6, 2012, news of a demo being released some time in the future is definitely appreciated.

The news of Mass Effect 3's demo comes straight from Mass Effect Executive Producer, Casey Hudson through his Twitter account. He shared the following message:

Stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months.

So as you can see, Casey announced there will be an announcement in a few months regarding Mass Effect 3's demo. Seeing as there are a number of combat improvements, especially when you factor in the new Kinect functionality, I'm sure there will be a minority of gamers who will be interested in checking out the demo before splurging $60+ dollars into Mass Effect 3. The majority of us have probably already blindly pre-ordered the game without even thinking about its demo since anything with the words "Mass Effect" on can be considered gamer gold.

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