One of the most anticipated games of next year has got to be Mass Effect 3 , and during yesterday's E3 press conference, it was announced Mass Effect 3 will be supporting the Kinect by allowing for in-game voice commands to be issued.

During the demo, the Kinect was used to issue commands for Commander Shepard to choose specific dialog options by simply speaking them when prompted instead of selecting the dialog option with the Xbox 360 controller. The demo also showed voice commands can be given to your squad mates during battle, which with enough practice, can be a viable option in order to keep battles smooth and fast-paced instead of fumbling to issue orders through the traditional menu options.

Since voice commands is the only thing Mass Effect 3 supports for the Kinect, some might wonder why the commands can't be issued via an Xbox 360 headset. Don't get me wrong, this is a nice little trick Mass Effect 3 will be able to perform with the Kinect, but seeing as the Kinect has yet to be widely adopted by the Xbox 360 community, I think it'd make more sense to give players the option of using their Kinect or Xbox 360 headset in order to issue voice commands.

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