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If you kept tabs on E3 this year, you might have seen a video for Batman: Arkham City of Catwoman as a playable character making short work out of a group of thugs. The video ended with Two-Face putting a gun to her head, and if you were like me, you wanted more. WBIE released a new video over the weekend that continues from that moment which gives players a total of 12 minutes of gameplay footage to ogle at.

In the video that was released over the weekend, Batman realizes Catwoman is in trouble and makes his way to the location where Two-Face is holding her for "court." You'll see Batman use some new gadgets such as the Cryptographic Sequencer, which in this video, is used to intercept Tyger communications in order to find out where exactly Two-Face is holding Catwoman. If you're a fan of Batman's fluid moving combat system, you'll certainly get an eyeful as the video has a number of combat sequences in it.


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