It was only last week where the Internet cheered in unison at the news of Borderlands 2 currently being in production. Not only does that mean we'll be spending countless hours looting, co-oping, and mission completing all over again, but it also means Borderlands unsung hero, Claptrap, will probably be returning as well. Thankfully, some new information was just released on what we can expect in Borderlands 2, so let's get down to business, shall we?

One of the first things that's been revealed in Borderlands 2 is we'll be playing as a new set of characters. Don't worry though, as the characters we grew to love in Borderlands will make apperances somewhere along your adventure as NPCs. The first new character that's been revealed is named "Salvador" whose special ability is to dual-wield weapons. Not only have the playable characters received some love, but enemy A.I. will also be receiving a much needed upgrade as they'll be able to communicate with one another instead of running around while wildly firing in your direction.

Borderlands 2's weapon system will also be receiving an upgrade as weapons will now be upgradable instead of wading through a plethora of dropped weapons, although it hasn't been confirmed if dropped weapons will still play as an important role in Borderlands 2 as it did in the original game. Weapons will also feature perks and visual styles unique to the weapon's manufaturer.

[Via Gematsu]

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