I think enough time has passed where we can talk about certain parts of Portal 2 without anyone getting upset as the game was released nearly two months ago, especially since someone has created an awesome sculpture dedicated to Potato GLaDOS has been created.

I won't go into detail as to how or where in the game Potato GLaDOS makes her appearance, but I will go into detail on how this awesome sculpture came to be. The Potato GLaDOS sculpture is the creation of Harrison Krix which was created as a special bonus to be included with a replica Portal gun he was commissioned to create by Valve Software.

Not only does the sculpture look amazin, but it also is able to speak. The video below shows just that, although only two pieces of dialog were spoken, Harrison promises a better video of the sculpture speaking in the future.

If you'd like to get a complete play-by-play as to how Potato GLaDOS was created, feel free to check out Harrison Krix's website, especially if you're planning on creating one and sending it to me for my birthday later this month.


[Via Walyou ]

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