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Yes - you read the title of this article correctly. There's no journalistic trickery or any of that other nonsense. According to some pretty strong rumors, Mass Effect 3 could be receiving a four-player co-op mode when it's released next year.

The rumor originally sparked some time last year when a "development source" revealed BioWare was working on a mutliplayer-only Mass Effect game. The rumor has since then died down, but a report from Eurogamer has rekindled the flames of the rumor when they interviewed BioWare co-founder Ray Muzyka if Mass Effect 3 will offer four-player co-op:

"We haven't talked at all about multiplayer in the Mass Effect franchise, but we're exploring multiplayer in all of our games and all of our franchises. It's always an idea we're interested in. The short answer is we have no comment on that. But we're interested in the idea of multiplayer."

According to Eurogamer, the four-player co-op mode will be "standalone" and will feature "competitive elements." It's also said the co-op mode will be similar to Gears of War 2's Horde Mode, where players work together to eliminate wave after wave of enemies.

What do you think of this current rumor? Seeing as how the game was mysteriously delayed until March of next year, it could certainly be true as BioWare might have needed some additional time in order to work all of the multiplayer kinks out. And seeing as how Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 sold extremely well without a multiplayer component, think how well Mass Effect 3 could sell if it includes a four-player co-op mode.

[Eurogamer , Via 1UP ]

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