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One of my favorite games on the PS3 of all time has got to be 2009's Warhawk. Its graphics were amazing, gameplay mechanics were spot on, and the amount of vehicles you could pilot could make anyone feel like a juggernaut. That's why I was really excited when I heard Warhawk's spiritual successor, Starhawk , was being developed.

In the cinematic trailer embedded below, you'll get an idea of what Starhawk is all about. Just as in Warhawk, there are two factions battling it out known as Rifters and Outcast as they wage war in order to control the precious resource known as Rift Energy.

Warhawk was a multi-player only game, but Starhawk will not only feature some great multiplayer action, but it'll also contain a single player campaign where you'll play as Emmet Graves. Until we learn more about the game, check out its E3 cinematic trailer and make sure not to slip in your puddle of drool.


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