Think all is fun and games in Steelport judging by trailers
THQ has released so far for Saints Row: The Third? Think again as the Third Street Saints will have some serious opposition who don't particularly like the idea of some new gang walking into town trying to take over. One gang in particular are The Lucahdores.

The Luchadores are led by Killbane who has dominated the professional wrestling ring for years earning the name "The Walking Apocolypse." Dominating professional wrestling in Steelport wasn't enough for Killbane, which is why he turned to the streets and created his gang of steroid abusing wrestlers.

The new gameplay footage released today not only shows you and the Third Street Saints will be going toe-to-toe with The Luchadores, but you'll also be taking your fight with Killbane to the ring. Just make sure you do a couple of sit-ups before the fight as I'm sure Killbane will make things rather difficult for you in the squared-circle.


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