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Those Bethesda folk sure are a sneaky bunch. While everyone was enjoying the quiet before the E3

storm, they released a new gameplay trailer for RAGE that takes players through one of the game's many missions, The Well.

The gameplay trailer starts off with the player inside of a depressing looking bar in a desolate town. The player makes his way through the town, talking to various town folk who will make various comments on his achievements during previous missions. Suddenly, a siren can be heard off in the distance and the player runs off to see what causes it. The player meets with Carlson who informs us bandits have shown up in the well and are threatening to poison the town's water supply. This initiates the start of the player's journey into The Well.

One of the weapons that I was highly impressed with during the gameplay trailer was the crossbow that was equipped with a mind control grenade of sorts. Controlling a mutant to blow up his buddies looks to be very, very satisfying. It should also go without saying the gameplay footage at this time looks ridiculously good. Although, I'm curious if the gameplay footage is taken from either the PC, PS3, or Xbox 360.

XBBx 15:46, June 7, 2011 (UTC)


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