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Now that Team Fortress 2 is completely free for all to play for almost a week, I hope you all have taken the time to check out one of the best multiplayer experiences you're going to play on PC & Mac. What you're probably not aware of is sometimes the characters in Team Fortress 2 like to attempt to dress up as other characters to see what it would be like to be them for the day. As you'll see in this video, Heavy decides he wants to be a Spy for the day.

The animation of the characters, their movements, and the all-around quirkiness remind me of what a Ren & Stimpy cartoon would look like in the Team Fortress 2 world. As much fun as Heavy has during his time as a Spy, he can't quite help himself but to convert to another character when he realizes he's been caught and needs to make his way out of the base.


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