When I think of Summer, I think of three things: Bar-B-Ques, women wearing tiny bathing suits, and video games. OK, that's completely not fair as I'm always thinking about video games no matter what season it is, but in this case, I'm thinking about Microsoft's Summer of Arcade promotion which is currently in its 4th year.

Microsoft's Xbox Live Summer of Arcade will officially kick off on July 20th with Bastion, an action-RPG which was the talk of the E3 town. Check out the full list of games, their availability and their pricing below:

  • July 20 -Bastion 1200MSP
  • July 27- From Dust 1200MSP
  • August 3 - Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet 1200MSP
  • August 10 - Fruit Ninja Kinect 800MSP
  • August 17 - Toy Soldiers: Cold War - 1200MSP

As in previous years, Microsoft is offering a special to those who purchase all games during their Summer of Arcade promotion. This year, instead of giving folks some money back, Microsoft is giving its customers a free copy of Crimson Alliance when it's released on September 7th. Not a bad little promotion, but I'd personally prefer getting free Microsoft points rather than a free game that I, or other Xbox Live users, might not have an interest in.

[Source: Major Nelson]

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