If you, like me, own a Kinect, Playstation Eye, and Wii, then the top of your flat screen TV probably looks like a warzone as each peripheral battles it out for top-of-the-TV domination. Usually the Kinect beats out the other two as it's a much more delicate device in comparison, but now thanks to an upcoming TriMount system from dreamGear, all three peripherals can gain the respect they all rightfully deserve.

The TriMount can be mounted on top of your flat screen TV or with the included wall mount in order to house the Kinect, PlayStation Eye, and Wii sensor bar in one convenient tower of awesome. The TriMount allows you to slide each peripheral in and will keep all three peripherals secure on your TV with a couple of twists from the screws located in the back of the mount.

dreamGear's TriMount is now available for pre-order for just $29.99 on their website and will begin shipping on August 15th. Just make sure to take the TriMount down if you're taking home any ladies and want to impress them with your pad. That is, unless they're as big of a gaming nerd than you are, then the TriMount will definitely get you into her pants as quickly as saying, "I shook Miyamoto's hand."


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