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Ed, Edd n Eddy Drawn to life

XXTW15T4Xx February 28, 2009 User blog:XXTW15T4Xx

I got Spongebob Drawn to life(It's actully better than the old Drawn to life)on September. I was thinking an EEnE Drawn to life that takes place in a fuison universe like the game Fusion Fall,it will be awsomer than Spongebob Drawn to life.

In this game rub off the Noxious goo,draw vehicles,animals,weapons and more.battle your way through 8 worlds life the cul-de-sac,snow mountains,islands,jungle,darklands,deserts,lava reef and planet fusion. battle your enemies like monsters,robots,fusions and more.

Comment,rate and vote:) like it

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