Uthgar is the legendary founder and namesake of the Uthgardt barbarians of the Savage Frontier. Some of their legends claim that he is the son of Beorunna, and others that he is descended from Tempus. All the legends agree that Uthgar was a proud, strong warrior who lived three times a normal human life. He ascended to watch over the Uthgardt for all eternity after taking fatal wounds in a one-on-one battle with a frost giant named Gurt. Uthgar mastered all the primeval beast spirits in individual combat, passing down the divine gifts he gained from that mastery to his people, the Uthgardt, at his death. The Uthgardt tribes all follow a beast totem, representing one of the beasts that Uthgar bested.

Historical evidence suggests that Uthgar was probably a Ruathym Northman named Uther Gardolfsson. Uther led a long raiding career - including looting fabled Illuskan - before founding his barbarian dynasty. No one denies that Uthgar or Uther did indeed ascend to divinity on his deathbed, sponsored by the god of war, who admired his fighting spirit.

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