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Named for one of many krogan gods of vengeance, Uzin is a gas giant close enough to its orange sun that none of its moons are considered habitable. Its composition is largely hydrogen and methane, with traces of xenon that the krogan collect for use in ion drives. Uzin is well within the "frost line" where gas giants usually do not form, leading astronomers to believe that its orbit used to be further from the star. If so, this would indicate a seriously unstable orbit, and the planet may plunge into its star within a few million years.

Facts about "Uzin"RDF feed
Day Length12.4 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameUzin +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 +
NameUzin +
NamePageUzin +
NamesUzin +
Orbital Distance0.3 AU +
Orbital Period0.2 Earth Years +
PageNameUzin +
PageTypeElement +
Radius74,137 km +

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