VFX (visual effects) powers are powers from the Viewtiful Joe series. They're not really magic, or technology, which in and of itself makes it outstandingly original in contrast to most games' explanation for super powers. His powers are actually derived from the natural force of badassness.

List of Powers

  • Slow - Slows time, increases power, allows for combos.
  • Zoom In - All moves become alternate, special moves (in VJDS, weak enemies can also be poked out of existence).
  • Replay (Silvia Only) - Any damage taken or given while the button is held is replayed and exponentially amplified, with an added electric shock effect. Can be upgraded for more replays.
  • Mach Speed (Joe only) - Speeds up time, creates wind, allows Joe to move faster, can light on fire by punching and kicking rapidly, and sends out projectile 'copies' of himself to attack. Can be upgraded for more copies.
  • Split (Viewtiful Joe DS) - Use the stylus to (horizontally) slice the screen in two, then slide the top part left or right to move or align objects.

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