Vancouver 2010 is the official Olympic video game of the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver.[2]


Vancouver 2010 is a video game based on the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. Many of the events in the real-world Olympics are playable. For a complete list of playable events, see below.


The following events are in the game:

In addition, the game includes 30 different challenges spread over all the events which can be unlocked on a one-by-one basis as the user completes the tasks (For example, the 'Landing Zone' challenge forces the individual to land a ski jump with 10m of 90m and another successive jump within 10m of 120m).[3]

Nations represented


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The game has gained mixed and negative reviews. According to Metacritic, the PC version of the game stands at a 58 while the PlayStation 3 version is at a 55 and the Xbox 360 version is at a 56.

IGN gave the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 version a 7.3 rating, claiming that "If only this game had some semblance of a career mode or anything that felt slightly like the real Olympics, then perhaps SEGA would have had a real winner on its hands." GameSpot gave the PS3 and 360 a 5.5 rating saying "The limited selection of events leaves these Olympic Games out in the cold."

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