Vantage Master Online is a tactical RPG game developed and published by Nihon Falcom. The English version of this game was made available for free download as of 2002 under the title Vantage Master Online.


The player takes on the role of a summoner (known as Natial master or just master). A master can summon spirits known as Natials. All masters and Natials have maximum HP of 10. The object of the game is to reduce the opposing master's HP to 0. The game is played on a hex grid map with different types of terrains which affect the gameplay.

Game Modes

In scenario mode and expert mode, the player's master is chosen based on the answers to the 4 questions asked by the game.

Scenario Mode

The player must play through 30 stages, divided into 6 phases each containing 4 to 7 stages, against opposing masters. The initial number of Natials available for summoning is 4 but the number increases after clearing each stage. There are two levels of difficulty: Easy and Normal.

Expert Mode

Both the player and the enemy are equipped with all Natials and magics available in the game, but the map design is generally disadvantageous for the player. Expert Mode consists of 8 stages.

Free Battle

Free Battle allows the player to configure all settings including masters, stats, Natials, magics and map. Each of human vs human, human vs CPU and CPU vs CPU are available.

Network Battle (Vantage Master V2 only)

Vantage Master V2 supports multiplayer through TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, modem and serial cable.


There are a total of 27 masters in Vantage Master, of which 18 can be accessed normally. In Expert and Scenario mode, your master is picked by answering 4 questions.

Vm fighter

Has high attack, defence, speed. Low magic.

Vm duke

Quite high attack, magic and speed. Defence is very low and moving range is limited to 3.

Vm swordman

Attack and magic are high. Low defence is weak point.

Vm knight

Very high attack, defence and resistance but low magic and speed.

Vm paladin

Paladin (Spelled Palladine in English version)
Very high attack, defence and magic but very slow.

Vm shadow

Has high speed, wide movement and long range shuriken attack. Low defence and resistance are drawbacks.

Vm ranger

Well balanced abilities. Has long range bow attack.

Vm savage

High attack, defence, speed and movement. Magic power is very low. Has long range rock throwing attack.

Vm thief

Very high speed and movement. Low defence and magic are weak points. Has long range throwing knife.

Vm bard

Bard (Spelled Bird in English version)
High magic but very low defence and resistance.

Vm sister

Has high magic and resistance but very slow.

Vm sorcerer

Very high magic power but also has low defence and speed.

Vm witch

High magic power but low defence and magic resistance.

Vm monk

Has well balanced abilities.

Vm spirit

High movement range but very low defence.

Vm beast

High attack. Low resistance.

Vm night

Very high resistance but physical defence is low.

Vm fraulein

Fräulein (Spelled Frauline in English version)
High speed and resistance. Attack and defence are quite low.

Vm dela

Very high magic but low defence.

Vm ares

High attack and defence. Magic is not very high.

Vm mail

Bounty Hunter
High attack but low magic.

Vm gaw

Very fast but also has very low magic.

Vm juricri

Speed is high but movement range is very limited.

Vm clare

Shaman of the Dawn
Very high attack and magic but weak in other areas.

Vm adol

High attack, defence and resistance. Magic is below average.

Vm gods

High magic but very slow and have weak defence.

Vm chuchu

Rare Beast
Low attack and defence but has high movement.


File:Vm attributes.jpg

There are 24 Natials that can be summoned, each of which belongs to one of four attributes: Earth, Water, Fire and Heavens. Each attribute has dominance and weakness over one another in the following way: Earth beats Water, Water beats Fire, Fire beats Heavens, Heavens beats Earth. A Natial can also be day type or night type, becoming stronger in bright or dark places, respectively. Summoning and maintaining a Natial requires usage of MP.

Earth Natials

A basic Earth Natial.

Natial with high physical attack and defence.

Natial with large angle long range attack. Very slow.

Earth Natial with wide area attack magic. Very slow.

Has highest movement of all Natials. Possesses HP recovery magic. Day type.

Can fly and turn enemies into silver. Night type.

Water Natials

A basic Water Natial. Fast but cannot move much except in water.

Water Natial with strong attack, resistance and attack magic.

Long range attack Natial. Fires ice. Can only move in water.

Can freeze enemy into ice. Day type.

Natial with HP recovery magic. Night type.

High level Water Natial. Has a destructive magic attack that affects all Natials and masters around it.

Fire Natials

A basic Fire Natial with high attack.

Offensive Natial with very high attack and defense.

Has a long range crossbow attack.

Can use explosive magic that affects everything in its vicinity. Night type.

Advanced Fire Natial equipped with extremely long range magic and high speed.

Can fly and move a total of 7 spaces at a time. Has weak defensive capabilities.

Heavens Natials

Only Natial with status recovery magic. Swift. Can fly.

Has powerful attack, defence and wide area magic. Weak resistance is weak point. Can fly.

Long range Heavens Natial that uses bow. Can fly. Night type.

A basic Heavens Natial with wide movement and attack magic. Can fly. Day type.

Natial with highest HP recovery capability. Can fly.

Advanced Heavens Natial with high movement, attack power and destructive magic. Can fly.

Download Links

Downloads listed on Falcom's website

Online Manual

Online Manual on Falcom's website

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