In Vantage Master Online in Scenario and Expert mode, your master is picked by answering a series of 4 questions. The questions are not always the same but the same results are always available.

First Question

The first question is a choice between: Shine, Twilight, or Shade.


In one variant you see a Clown doing a card trick you already know. Your choices:

  • Ignore it (Twilight)
  • Stay and watch (Shine)
  • Spoil it for someone (Shade)


Alternately, you see a sword you can't afford. Your choices:

  • Steal it (Shade)
  • Buy a cheaper one (Twilight)
  • Find work (Shine)

Second Question

The second question is a choice between Fair, Emblem, or Sacred.


One question has you picking your own reward. Your choices:

  • Jewelry (Fair)
  • Wheat (Sacred)
  • Become an Officer (Emblem)


Alternately, you are a great sculptor who's apprentice has just done better than you in a contest judged in your favor. Your choices:

  • Accept the win (Emblem)
  • Admit defeat (Sacred)
  • Ask for rematch (Fair)

Third Question

The third question is a choice between Dream and Karma.


One question has you deciding what to do when you see a fox in a trap. Your choices:

  • Free it (Dream)
  • Leave it (Karma)


Alternately, you are a workman fixing a temple damaged in an earthquake that has a damaged wall near a sacred stone a priest is defending. Your choices:

  • Repair it no matter what (Karma)
  • Respect the priest / stone (Dream)

Fourth Question

The fourth question is a choice between Trust, Vacant, and Ego.

Twisted ankle

One question has you walking with a fellow traveler who twists his ankle. Your choices:

  • Leave him and continue alone (Ego)
  • Help him back to last inn (Vacant)
  • Carry him to next inn (Trust)


Alternately, you spot a strange beast while patrolling alone. Your choices:

  • Follow it alone (Ego)
  • Get help (Trust)
  • Forget it (Vacant)

Master's picked by questions

Here's a partial grid of choices and what they yield:

Vantage Master Masters by questions
Question 1 Question 2 Question 3 Question 4 Master picked
Shine Emblem Dream Trust Knight
Shine Emblem Dream Vacant Fighter
Shine Emblem Dream Ego Duke
Shine Emblem Karma Trust Paladin
Shine Emblem Karma Vacant Swordsman
Shine Emblem Karma Ego Beast
Shine Fair Dream Trust Witch
Shine Fair Dream Vacant Bard
Shine Fair Dream Ego Frauline
Shine Fair Karma Trust Sister
Shine Fair Karma Vacant Paladin
Shine Fair Karma Ego Ranger
Shine Sacred Dream Trust Sister
Shine Sacred Dream Vacant Sister
Shine Sacred Dream Ego Spirit
Shine Sacred Karma Trust Sorcerer
Shine Sacred Karma Vacant Monk
Shine Sacred Karma Ego Savage
Twilight Emblem Karma Trust Thief
Twilight Fair Dream Vacant Bard
Twilight Fair Dream Ego Frauline
Twilight Fair Karma Vacant Shadow
Twilight Sacred Dream Ego Spirit
Shade Emblem Dream Vacant Fighter
Shade Emblem Karma Vacant Swordsman
Shade Fair Dream Ego Frauline
Shade Fair Dream Vacant Bard
Shade Sacred Karma Trust Sorcerer

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