Vectorman 2 is a Run and Gun video game created by SEGA and Bluesky Software in 1996 for the Genesis. It is the sequel to the popular game Vectorman, released the previous year. This game was only released in the United States. The game is also a part of the SEGA Genesis Collection and SEGA Mega Drive Collection for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable.


After saving Earth from Warhead in the previous game, Vectorman's sludge barge ship ends up as a target for a missile and he parachutes in a planet to battle with the Earth's multitudinous enemy; mutant insects. Now it's up to Vectorman to fight through the mutant bugs and find the most fearsome source of who led the mutant insects and the planet: the evil Black Widow Queen.


The gameplay is similar to the previous game. Vectorman has a different set of weapons, including a pulse beam, energy shot, and supershot guns. Vectorman can also now transform into insect forms such as a fire ant, a rhino, and "shield bug" that repels attacks. Unlike the prequel, the full-level transformations featured in this game are not used to combat bosses as that is left to the human-form Vectorman.

There are 22 levels divided into 7 parts in all.


Bog Part 1

  • Scene 1: Geronimo (as Helicopter)
  • Scene 2: Night in the Swamp
  • Scene 3: Bog Jam
  • Scene 4: In Blackest Night (Boss)

Lava Part 2

  • Scene 5: Fired
  • Scene 6: Magma P.I.
  • Scene 7: Turn up the Heat (Boss)

Underground Part 3

  • Scene 8: Orbot Express (as Skater)
  • Scene 9: Dirty Job
  • Scene 10: Vectorman 1 2 3 (as Skater)
  • Scene 11: I Can Dig It
  • Scene 12: Rollerderby (as Skater)

Cave Part 4

  • Scene 13: Mist Chances
  • Scene 14: Cave Fear
  • Scene 15: Dreamsnake (Boss)

Reclamation Part 5

  • Scene 16: Recycle or Die
  • Scene 17: The Shadow Nose (Boss)

Road to the Queen Part 6

  • Scene 18: Shout and Twist
  • Scene 19: Tank You (as Tank)
  • Scene 20: Tank Patrol (as Tank)

The Lair Part 7

  • Scene 21: Bad Eggs
  • Scene 22: Queen for a Day (Final/Boss)

Power-Ups and Morphs

Instead of TVs like in the original, Vectorman now collects power-ups from destroyed powersacs. Morphs can mainly be acquired by destroying specific kinds of bugs.


  • Ball Gun (standard)
  • Laser Beam
  • Pulse Beam
  • Energy Shot
  • Supershot
  • Overkill


  • Fire Ball (from Fire Ants)
  • Shield (from Shield Bugs)
  • Scorpion Tail (from Scorpions)
  • Rhino Charge (from Rhino bugs)
  • Tick Punch (from Ticks)
  • Tornado (from powersacs in "Shout and Twist" only)

Other Power-Ups

  • Save Point
  • Photons (extra points)
  • Extra Life
  • Extra Time

Health Power-ups

  • Health Point
  • Full Health Points
  • Max Health Point


2x, 3x, 5x, and 10x


This is the sequel of the original Vectorman, produced for the Mega Drive and Genesis and released in 1995.

A Vectorman game for the PlayStation 2 was announced, but was soon cancelled, perhaps because the redesigned Vectorman looked too much like Halo' Master Chief[citation needed]. According to initial reports, it was to have been vastly dissimilar to the 16-bit games.

Sonic Gems Collection has both Vectorman 2 and its prequel, Vectorman, as unlockable extras. In Japan, this is in addition to the Streets of Rage titles and Bonanza Bros.; in the American release, the games are on their own. For a time it was thought that the American and European releases were getting the games as exclusives to make up for the lack of the Streets of Rage games (removed to keep the game's ESRB rating at E and PEGI at 3+), but this was not the case, as they are also present in the Japanese release, although the original games were never released in that region. This was also the first time that Vectorman 2 was available in Europe, as the original release never enjoyed a European release, despite the release of the first game in that region. Vectorman 2 can be unlocked by playing the compilation for at least 7 hours and playing Vectorman at least once.

SEGA Genesis Collection (known outside North America as the SEGA Mega Drive Collection) also features Vectorman 2 and its prequel, this time as games available from the beginning.