• Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
The ranger is a recon unit that is armed with a M60 machine gun. Although unable to crush units, it is fast and ideal against infantry able to mow them down in 2-4 bursts. However its light armor make it weak against tanks and aircraft.

Armoured Personnel Carrier

CC apc
  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $800
The Armoured personnel carrier is a unit armed with an M60 machine gun and is able to carry up to five men. It is heavily armored making it an ideal unit to supply infantry transport quickly across the battlefield.

Mine Layer

Allied mine layer
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $800
A fast vehicle used by both sides to lay mines. Allies use it to lay anti-vehicle mines, while the Soviets use it to lay anti-personnel mines. It is fast which makes it ideal for crushing infantry, but has no weapons to directly combat enemy units. 1 anti-vehicle mine is needed to nearly destroy light tanks and will totally destroy lighter vehicles. Heavier vehicles such as heavy tanks and mammoth tanks require 2-3 mines to fully destroy them. anti-personnel mines will destroy whole groups of infantry with only 1 mine if they are standing closely next to one another. Mines cannot be seen and can only be resupplied by using the service depot.


Cc artillery
  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
The Allied artillery is a lightly armored unit armed with an 155mm gun that is effective against infantry and structures, although it is some what inaccurate. Its slow speed and light armor requires that it has to be protected.

Light Tank

CC light tank
  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $700
Armed with a 75mm cannon, the light tank is effective against armored vehicles. Although its weapon is weaker than those of other tanks, it makes up for it with its fast movement and high rate of fire. These tanks are ideal in groups because of their cheap cost and fast movement.

Medium Tank

CC medium tank
  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $800
The medium tank is a moderately fast and heavily armored vehicle armed with a 90mm cannon and usually draws most of the fire from enemy tanks.

Heavy Tank

Soviet heavy tank
  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $950
The Heavy tank is the basic Soviet tank in the game. Armed with twin 105mm cannons making it effective against vehicles.

Mammoth Tank

CC mammoth tank
  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $1700
The Mammoth Tank is a devastating unit in the battlefield. With its twin 120mm cannons it is able to take out armored vehicles easily. It is also armed with missiles which are effective against aircraft and infantry. It is also able to take a lot of damage before being destroyed and has the ability to heal back to half health when it is damaged. However, it is very slow and very expensive.

Ore Truck

Soviet ore truck
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $1400
These vehicles are NOT armed and their only purpose is to bring the ore back to the Ore Refinery. The Ore truck ,although defenseless, has heavy armor that makes it hard to destroy. The ore truck has the ability to self heal to half health.

V2 Rocket launcher

Soviet v2
  • Owner: Soviets
  • Cost: $700
The V2 rocket launcher is armed with a powerful rocket capable of destroying infantry and buildings very fast, which is why the Allies fear this weapons platform. It has a long reload time, very weak armor and inability to hit fast moving targets which makes it vulnerable to enemy armor. These units are effective in groups and under protection.

Mobile Radar Jammer

Allied radar jammer
  • Owner: Allies (Multiplayer)
  • Cost: $600
The MRJ disrupts enemy radar functions, shutting down enemy radar transmissions and display. Its long range allows it to hide from enemy units while other units attack during the blackout.

Mobile Gap Generator

Allied mobile gap generator
  • Owner: Allies
  • Cost: $600
The mobile version of the Gap Generator functions in much the same way the stationary one does. Although it projects a smaller gap field, you can hide several units under its cover, blocking the enemy from seeing what you're sending against them.

Mobile Construction Yard

Allied mcv
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets
  • Cost: $2500
The MCV is an unarmed, slow moving and moderately armored that changes itself into the Construction Yard when deployed.

Supply Truck

RA1 Supply
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (missions)
  • Cost: N/A
These trucks carry supplies around the battlefield. They are lightly armored and slow which makes them vulnerable to enemy fire. This unit is not buildable. Can be loaded with crate or can transport 1 infantry unit.

Demolition Truck

Aillied soviet demo truck
  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $2400
The demolition truck is a modified Supply Truck armed with a tactical nuclear warhead. It is quite fast, but incredibly poor armored so great care must be taken, otherwise it could just explode inside its own base without even having reached its target destination.

M.A.D. Tank

Soviet mad tank
  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $2300
The Mutual assured destruction (M.A.D.) Tank is a fierce weapon can destroy any base if given the chance. By deploying this tank near any structure, it will build up energy and explode resulting in about 44% damage to all buildings in the surrounding area.

Chrono Tank

Allied chrono tank
  • Owner: Allies (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $2400
This lightly-armored unit has the same ability as the Chronosphere but is also armed with rockets. The tank can be shifted from one location to another every few minutes, and then teleport again after some time.

Tesla Tank

Soviet tesla tank
  • Owner: Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: $1500
These are tanks that are fitted with powerful built-in Tesla coils that can destroy units and structures easily. They are lightly armored and expensive.

Phase Transport

  • Owner: Allies, Soviets (Aftermath)
  • Cost: N/A
This is a non-buildable unit that can cloak itself while on the move. The Phase Transport it can be detected by defenses and infantry if they come too close to it. However, they have dual missiles that can destroy them safely out of range. It is quite lightly armored and is moderately fast. This technology was captured by the Allies during production, and after being tested by the Soviet officer Volkov.

Giant Ants (Counterstrike)

Giant Ant


The basic unit of the giant ants, also called Scout Ant in game, it's a reddish brown in color and only has its jaws for weapons. They are fast and can be dangerous in large numbers, but are fairly weak against structures and tanks and are easy to take down even with rifle infantry.

Warrior Ant


Essentially a meaner version of the Giant Ants. Warrior Ants are red in color, slower than scouts, but have a stronger bite and are much tougher to kill. As before, they are dangerous is groups, although they can fall fairly quickly to tanks and other heavy weapons.

Fire Ant


Fire Ants spew fireballs which are effective against everything - infantry, vehicles and buildings. Even one ant can cause heavy damage to a base if allowed to run rampant for too long, so they should be taken out as quick as possible. They can be distinguished by their orange color and should be priority targets if attacking with a group of other ants.

Tesla Ant


Ants which can shoot bolts of electricity, essentially Tesla Tanks although with tougher armor. Powerful but very rare.



Undeveloped giant ants. They're treated as structures by the game and are perfectly harmless, sitting around doing nothing, waiting to be destroyed.

Queen Ant


The Queen is treated as a structure by the game and is therefore immobile. She is fairly tough to kill and shoots powerful tesla bolts.

3D Render

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