Human Vehicles

M12 LRV Warthog

The M12 LRV, called most often the Warthog. It has a gunner and passenger position. Its chaingun used by the gunner is called the LAAG. The end of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3 involve a Warthog race with the Mjonir Mix playing to escape exploding Alpha Halos.

M12G1 Warthog LAAV

M808B Scorpion MBT

This can fit five people total: the driver and the four side passengers. The scorpion tank fires a powerful cannon and can also fire a machine gun that has less accuracy. The passengers can all fire.


Longsword Fighter

Pillar of Autumn


Covenant Vehicles

===Ghost=== The ghost is a fast and maneuverable vehicle. it is equipped with twin plasma cannons, but leaves the driver vulnerable to snipers.







Covenant Boarding Craft

Covenant Class Battlecruiser

Covenant Class Carrier

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