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Mass Effect 2 & Mass Effect 3

A Jovian gas giant, Vem Osca ("weeping witness" in Iperian Volus) is a low-density hydrogen-helium planet with 35 moons. Later this year, 33 of the moons will be visible from the planet's surface in a conjunction, an event that will be recorded by space probes from all over the galaxy.

Facts about "Vem Osca"RDF feed
Day Length11.9 Earth Hours +
DisplayNameVem Osca +
ElementLore +
GamesMass Effect 2 + and Mass Effect 3 +
NameVem Osca +
NamePageVem Osca +
NamesVem Osca +
Orbital Distance4.6 AU +
Orbital Period9.9 Earth Years +
PageNameVem Osca +
PageTypeElement +
Radius64,826 km +

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