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Venan Entertainment, Inc. is a mobile and handheld game development studio based in Cromwell, Connecticut. Founded in 2002, Venan began primarily as a Java/Brew-based mobile phone game developer, but has since branched off to develop games for Nintendo DS, iPod, and iPhone OS. Venan's most recent titles include their fourth fully-independent, self-published title Space Miner: Space Ore Bust,[1] and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games. Both are available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Other recent Venan-developed titles include Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS, Monopoly Worldwide and Monopoly Classic for the iPhone and iPod Touch, and NBA Live for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Venan has also developed and released many mobile phone titles, including High Seas: Guns & Gold,[2] TI Street Racing,[3] True Crime: New York City,[4] and NBA Street.[5]

iPhone OS games

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