Aputik Mining Aputik Outpost Arna Orbital Asuin Tech Asuin Holdings Attus Command Attus Orbital Axia Mining Azek Central Azek Developments Azek Manufacturing Caelestis Watch Danieck Mining Dau Senate Dau Research Enistan Orbital Fenhall Mining Kannik Hold Latos Mining Nyrius Distribution Oment Orbital Oretes Orbital Osteem Orbital Remley Orbital Sarkon Research Sikan Orbital TPG Headquarters Verasi Central Verasi Industrial
Advanced Logistics system
Airlock Maintenance Supplies
Emergency Repair Kit
Energy Conversion Module
Engine Mounts
Escape Hatch System
Exhaust Manifold
External Equipment mounts
External Thermal Couplers
Fire suppression system
Flight Assist Control module
Fuel Flow Regulator
Fuel Storage Container
Hull Panels
Hydraulic Tappets
Instrumentation Panel
Janitorial Supplies
Life Support System
Navigation Unit
Outer Hull Plate

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