Vengeance Entertainment Studios (abbreviated VES) is a game development company founded and run in Melbourne, Australia.

As of 2016, VES is currently a team of two headed by their lead developer and programmer, Michael Watterson who is also a voice artist and former actor. Vengeance Entertainment Studios intends to develop games for distribution through Steam and iOS/Android via the App Store and the Play Store.


Founder and programmer of Vengeance Entertainment Studios, Michael Watterson, was initially teamed with Tsar Games (initially Star Games) in late 2009 as a designer and developer. A loosely-organised YoYo Games collaboration, the team consisted of Tim Knoxton and Jarred Howlett, university students from Austin, Texas, and Watterson.

Star Games was responsible for developing Extinction, Ultimate Defender, Ultimate Defender 2 and finally Brainiac, achieving low-moderate success. Ultimate Defender III was postponed, before being formally cancelled in 2012. Watterson, however, confirmed it would go ahead eventually but under a different name and as a product of Vengeance Entertainment Studios.

In 2012 Tsar Games was dissolved after a dispute, and Watterson began to develop software independently.

In early 2016 Watterson recruited fellow school friend Campbell Gardiner and newly-met IGDAM acquaintance Matt Schenkel for design and audio respectively, however Gardiner resigned in pursuit of a different career.



  • Michael Watterson (Lead Design / Programmer / Voice Artist)
  • Matt Schenkel (Sound Engineering)


  • Campbell Gardiner (Design and Art)
  • Brianna Rose Knight (Art)
  • Geoffrey Percy (Sound Engineering)

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