Game Series Devil May Cry series & Other Games
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening canonically
Alias: The Black Knight
Alter Ego: Nelo Angelo
Affiliation: Arkham (formerly)

Dante (formerly) Mundus (formerly)

Species: Cambion
Gender: Male
Family: Sparda (father), Dante ( younger maternal twin brother) , Nero (Son) (only child)
Power: Cambion Powers
Fighting Style: Dark Slayer

Gun Slinger (Formerly)

Weapon(s): Yamato , Sword of Sparda (formerly) & Beowulf
Skill(s): Zanjutsu
Special Skill(s): Devil Trigger , Dark Magic
Trademark: "Scum" , "Jackpot!"
Notes: Deutagonist

" Jackpot ! "


Vergil is Dante's older maternal twin brother who has mainly been an antagonist towards him. His named is derived from the Italian poet Pubilius Vergilius Maro "Vergil", who helped Dante Allighieri in the ballad "The Divine Comedy"

Physical Description

Vergil has a regal appearance like his father's faux human form. He has spiky hair based off a back brush , his assigned color is blue , half of the constituent colors of purple (their father) ; the other being red (his brother). He sports a royal blue overcoat presumably made of silk and leather fingerless gloves :- giving an indication that he is a zanjutsu master.


Vergil is cold , serious and hides the fact that he is sadistically power hungry. He doesn't care about anyone and won't hesitate to stop anyone in his path ; even his own brother.

Video Game Appearances

Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry 2

Devil May Cry 3

Playstation All Stars

Ultimate Marvel V Capcom3

Other appearances

The Devil May Cry Manga

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