Victory Road (怒号層圏 Dogō Sōken (Bellowing Atmosphere)?), is the sequel to Ikari Warriors.

The objective is to defeat the enemy aliens using grenades and other weapons.

Arcade versionEdit

The original arcade game featured an 8-way joystick that could be twisted in place to rotate the onscreen character allowing the player to face in one of eight directions while moving in another.

It features sampled voiceovers from the main characters and the game's bosses.

English versionEdit

The voices are changed to speak English dialogue. For example, upon starting the game the player would be greeted by a giant floating head who would exclaim, "Warriors! Show some guts! You can't escape me! Come get me if you can! Ha ha ha ha haa!" At this point the floating head would fly off screen and the gameplay commenced. Also, when the player loses a life, upon coming one would hear "Come on, let's fight!".

NES versionEdit

File:Ikari Warriors II for NES shop screenshot.png

The NES version includes the added feature of collecting "zeny" as currency. This money was then spent at a store also unique to the NES port where the player could buy improved weaponry and armor. The NES version emulates the controls of the arcade version by locking the facing of the character in one direction for as long as the "fire" button was depressed.

Game playEdit

Weapons no longer have limited ammunition.

Player begins with a flamethrower, but when player loses a life, it is changed to machine gun.

Weapon powerups are scattered throughout the levels often hidden under rocks destroyable by the bazooka weapon or grenades.

There are no vehicles in this game, but it was replaced by armour, which allows player to take limited number of hits without time expiration.


  • Flamethrower: Player's beginning weapon. It can destroy walls
  • Machine gun: Player's weapon after losing a life
  • Red machine gun: Similar to machine gun, but the bullet has longer range, and shoots through enemies
  • Boomerang: Weapon shoots through enemies, and flies back to player.
  • Sword: When spinning a sword, player can hit back enemy bullets. When pressing fire button, player fires shot using the last available machine gun type. The sword blade damages enemies upon contact.


  • Black: Smaller explosion.
  • Red: When it detonates, a 8-way blast appears.


The game continued its single-stage design from its prequel, but added mini-stages where player fights a boss when entered through the green door.

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