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A video game console generation is a time era in which certain consoles were released. The video game generations are used to classify consoles.

Classification Standards

The following is a list slightly altered from Wikipedia showing each console and the generation it belongs in. The alterations:

  • Add-on devices like the Sega 32X and Sega CD were also removed, as they were peripherals that extended the life of the system, not a total hardware change.
  • While most consoles are released relatively closed to each other in terms of time frame, systems that straddle between two generations, such as Atari Jaguar will be sorted based on how and when the system was marketed and targeted towards.
  • Finally, home computers, despite having a huge market on the industry, are not counted as consoles, so things like the MSX and Commodore 64 will not be seen in the list.

First Generation Consoles

Second Generation Consoles

Third Generation Consoles

Fourth Generation Consoles

Fifth Generation Consoles

Sixth Generation Consoles

Seventh Generation Consoles

Seventh-Generation Consoles
Microsoft Xbox 360 | Sony PlayStation 3 | Wii | Evo: Phase One

Eighth Generation consoles

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