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Vietcong 2 is a tactical shooter PC game, developed by Pterodon and Illusion Softworks, published by 2K Games in October 2005, and set during the Vietnam War. It is the direct sequel to Vietcong.


The story takes place during the Tet Offensive in Hue. The player assumes the role of the disillusioned American MACV soldier Daniel Boone (named after the MACSOG Operation Daniel Boone). Boone is part of a coalition of international forces from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. The game also gives the player the ability to fight the war from another perspective as a young Vietcong recruit fighting before and during the Tet Offensive. This campaign is unlocked when the player has completed a certain part of the American campaign.


Vietcong 2 was poorly received by both critics and gamers, scoring a mediocre 60% on Game Rankings[1] (18% less than its predecessor).


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