Virtual Families is a video game created and developed by independent video game developer and publisher Last Day of Work. Virtual Families was released 22 April 2009. The game is about raising a family, working on their careers, gathering collectibles, and earning money. Virtual Families allows players to control and manage virtual characters in real-time. Often problems have occurred with the game such as energy problems.[clarification needed] Last Day Of Work released a game patch on 5/04/09.

The game had a notable glitch which occurred when the player reached the 30th generation (Which takes six real months). Last Day of Work has updated this game to a new version to stop this glitch.

The new version of Virtual Families has fixed the 30th generation bug, but after the 30th the past will disappear and it will look as if you just started. Also, if you press "R" (shift+r), it takes you right to the location. Also, it fixed the store bug.

Some have compared this as a casual alternative to the hit game series The Sims[1]

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