Virtual Sailor, created by Ilan Papini, is a shareware program which allows users to operate a wide variety of vessels (sail & powered) in world-wide locations. Both the graphics and boat dynamics have been designed to be as realistic as possible, and the software also features multi-player capabilities. Users can create add-ons including boats, sceneries and marine animals to share with other players.[1]


  • Accurate wave dynamics above sea and below.
  • Accurate sailboat and motorboat dynamics.
  • Accurate and dynamic sailing sounds.
  • Fully adjustable weather and sea conditions by day and night.
  • Photorealistic land and sea based on real topographic data.
  • Diverse and adjustable marine life.
  • Global land and sea area allows global navigation and sailing.
  • Simulates sailboat racing including wind shadow effects.
  • Multiplayer online sailing and racing over the net.
  • Uses the latest DirectX9 technology in 3D graphics, sound and multi play.
  • Advanced virtual environment.
  • Fully interactive 3D instrument panel for boats.
  • Built to expand, allowing third party sceneries and boats.
  • Full documentation for making all files of scenery and boats.
  • Bow thrusters and Stern thrusters on every vessel.[2]


Players may control a variety of sail and motor powered vessels above and below the sea, interacting with other vessels, changing weather conditions, marine life and dynamic wave movements. Racing against either AI or online competitors is possible, as is exploring, recreating voyages or naval combat.[2] It is possible to create and edit vessel types and marine scenery.[1] Control panels feature compass bearing, wind speed and direction, speed, rpm, fuel level, winch settings, sail settings, dependant on the vessel type. Unusual for a vehicle simulator, users of Virtual Sailor can roam the interiors of their ships. Weather and sea conditions are adjustable, enabling different levels of play. Vessels may be controlled by keyboard, mouse or customisable game controllers.[3] A large variety of vessel types and scenery have been created by users and are available on fan sites and forums.[1][4]


Virtual Sailor was first released in 1999 and since then has seen 12 major release versions, with many minor updates released each year. Version 7.0.1 was released on January 22, 2007.[5]

Minimum RequirementsEdit

  • Pentium 3 with 800 MHz with 256 MB RAM.
  • Video card with DirectX8 compatibility and 32 MB RAM.
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • DirectX9 installed.

Critical receptionEdit

  • "Virtual Sailor simulates the entire marine environment and makes a complete sailing experience, it's multiplayer capability for online sailing and racing creates an extremely immersive marine experience." Gamezone[6]
  • "All in all Virtual Sailor is a fine achievement and well worth your investment". AVSim[1]


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