About the game

Virtual Skipper is the brand name (a.k.a. VSK) shared by a series of sailing regatta simulation games developed by Paris based Nadeo and published by Focus Home Interactive.

One title in the series was named 32nd America's Cup, The Game and that version came out between VSK4 and VSK5. Not long after the release of VSK5 on October 2nd, 2008 came a free to download and free to play version of the game that is branded VSK5Online. VSK5Online is subtly de-featured to provide incentive for try-before-you buy players to upgrade to the full-featured VSK5 product. For a detailed comparison of the features of the current generation of games in the series see Evolution of VSK

About the wiki

Virtual Skipper Wiki is a collaboration community providing a Semantic MediaWiki enabled database of
Boat: models and skins;
Race: tracks (courses/maps), rules (ISAF RRS), conditions and results;
Online: clubs and hosts;
... and related: utilities, advice and knowledge.
Primary scope: VSK5Online, VSK5 and 32nd America's Cup.
Provisional scope: VSK4 and VSK3

Scope and possibilities

The Virtual Skipper Wiki allows new and experienced VSK fans from around the world to share information, techniques, tools, etc. that may help other users to derive the most enjoyment from this game.

  • Discussion of the ISAF rules and how those rules are implemented by the auto-umpire during VSK races.
    • Might an unofficial VSK racing Appendix emerge as a result of collaboration via this wiki community?
  • Experienced skippers might share some racing technique to allow newcomers to progress at a more rapid pace
  • Customization tips and tricks not already available in the game's manual.
    • Skin creation and modification
    • Boat model creation and documentation
    • Track editing tips and tricks
    • GUI customization
    • keyboard and special device interface customization
  • Catalog of popular race tracks with navigation notes
  • Introductions to VSK clubs, fan sites and blogs around the world
  • The wiki model can accommodate multiple languages
  • There is facility to host .ZIP files for such objects boat models and boat skins.
  • Race tracks may also be hosted not as individual .GBX files but as a .ZIP archive containing a hundred or more of these small .GBX files.

Articles on many of these topics will require illustration via static and/or animated images and a wiki is ideal for collaboratively assembling that type of material. The revision history for each article is robust so even when conflicting opinions or interpretations arise there is no need to hold back the discussion. No contributions or ideas can be lost at a wiki.

Semantic MediaWiki is enabled and so the following features are possible:

  • form-based user interface for creating and editing pages for boat models, skins, tracks and races (implemented)
  • powerful queries (available and partially implemented)
  • predefined concepts (planned)
  • RSS feeds (available)
  • personalized list of favorite pages (implemented)

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